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It's Rock N' Roll all Night
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Song: No Expectations
Artist: The Rolling Stones
Album: Beggars Banquet
Played 129 times


Rolling Stones No Expectations.

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Song: The Call Of Ktulu
Artist: Metallica
Album: Ride The Lightning
Played 769 times


Metallica - The Call of Ktulu

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Song: Until The End Of The World
Artist: U2
Album: Achtung Baby
Played 669 times


Until The End Of The World - U2

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Song: The End Of The Line
Artist: Metallica
Album: Death Magnetic
Played 24,919 times


Metallica - The End Of The Line

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Song: 22 Acacia Avenue
Artist: Iron Maiden
Album: The Number of the Beast
Played 1,103 times


Iron Maiden - 22 Acacia Avenue

Beat her, mistreat her
Do anything that you please.
Bite her, excite her
Make her get down on her knees.
Abuse her, misuse her
She can take all that you’ve got.
Caress her, molest her
She always does what you want.

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Song: Devil's Plaything
Artist: Danzig
Album: Danzig II: Lucifuge
Played 139 times


Devil’s Plaything - Danzig

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Song: She's a Rainbow
Artist: Rolling Stones
Played 77,257 times

Rolling Stones - She’s a Rainbow

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Song: Suture Up Your Future
Artist: Queens of the Stone Age
Album: Era Vulgaris
Played 189 times


Suture Up Your Future

Queens of the Stone Age

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Song: Through The Never
Artist: Evile
Album: Kerrang! The Black Album Covered
Played 3,229 times



Evile- Through The Never (cover)


Best cover!!!

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Song: Raining Blood
Artist: Slayer
Album: Soundtrack To The Apocalypse C
Played 3,195 times


Slayer - Raining Blood

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Song: Whiplash
Artist: Metallica
Album: Kill 'em All
Played 27,543 times


Metallica - Whiplash

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Song: Satellite
Artist: Rise Against
Album: Endgame
Played 8,387 times


“Satellite” by Rise Against

“You can’t feel the heat until you hold your hand over the flame, you have to cross the line just just to remember where it lays, you won’t know your worth now, son, until you take a hit, and you won’t find the beat until you lose yourself in it” 

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Song: The Skull Beneath the Skin
Artist: Megadeth
Album: Killing Is My Bussiness... And Bussiness Is Good
Played 353 times


NAME: The Skull Beneath The Skin

BAND: Megadeth

ALBUM: Killing Is My Business… And Business Is Good

default album art
Song: Through The Never
Artist: Metallica
Album: Metallica (The Black Album)
Played 33,877 times

Metallica - Through The Never

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Song: Sweetest Thing
Artist: U2
Album: The Best of 1980-1990/The B-Sides Disc 2
Played 279 times

Sweetest Thing by U2 is one of my favorite songs. But not the version that was released. This is the rerecorded version of the original 1987 b/side to Where the Streets That Have No Name.

The reason I prefer this version is because of how rough Bono’s voice is. It’s raspy and rough in some parts and he just doesn’t quite hit the notes in others. It’s brilliant. Far superior to the radio release. I love it for its imperfections.


We love it for those very reasons, also.  “All U2…All The Time”